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I FAILED TO MARRY THE WOMAN I LOVE: a true life life story


I Regret to write this story because I know it will open up an old wound, some one will be hurt reading it especially my ex lover (cynpaty). But I have no choice because I want people to learn from my past.

In the year 1999 I was just 19yrs old, I have never experience love in all my life except from then 9ja love films. At times I keep wondering if I will have the got to confront any girl and profess love to her, hence I was very shy. I have known Romay for a long time and I know she has been nursing some feelings for me, but we can’t express our feeling due to our religious background. I was not even sure of my feelings for her then.

During the Nov/Dec 1999 GCE exams period we both traveled to a small town of Oguta in Oguta L.G.A. of Imo state Nigeria to sit for our G.C.E. exams. People around see us together as brother and sister because that was what we really are, we are so close to each other but no sexual relationship. I always like Romay but I am not sure if I love her. A night before our exams commence I dreamt I found a girl fits to my heart, a girl I can call my own but from the picture of this dream this girl is not Romay.

The next morning, I was going to exam centre hence I and Romay does not shear the same centre. On my way just in my front I saw a dazzling black beautiful young girl, I was looking in to her eyes and she was staring at me too so innocently and passes me by. The moment I turned back to look at her, she too tuned back and this happened severally until I can not see her any more. I said to my self “I wish I can see this girl again, I wish she is a G.C.E. candidate too, I wish she shear the same centre with me” but certainly she is not even a candidate, even if she is a candidate, she is not from my centre because she is going the other way.

When I get to my centre, I sat under a mango tree waiting for the accreditations. Suddenly I saw the same girl coming towards me with her photo card in her hand. I almost fainted because I thought I have seen a ghost. Before I could open my eyes she disappeared. I said to my self “if this girl is not a ghost that means she is a candidate from my center” I decided to look for her and confront her to profess my love for her, later I found her in a company of friends and I could not approach her. I realized my first wish have come to pass, I said to my self again. “I wish she will seat beside my desk in the hall, I will have the opportunity of talking to her”. It happens to be that two people shear one desk in the hall, during accreditation I was called by my no 0098. I entered, I had them also called 0099 but I did not care to know who 0099 is and little did I know that 0099 is going to shear the same desk with me. When I sat down, I found out that 0099 is my partner immediately I heard a deemed sweet voice saying “ where is 0099 please” I wanted to say over here when I noticed she is the one and I shut up.

Although my wish has come to pas, I was not so comfortable because it happened so fast, I spend the whole day without looking at her or talk to her. After the exams I went straight home, I thought about it all day and night.

The next day we were to write physics exam, in the hall as I was concentrated on my papers, I feel a soft touch on my hand and sweet voice in my ear saying “please can you help me, I am not a science student but I just want to take some science papers” I finished my papers first and now help her with some answers in her own paper. After the exams she approaches me to say thank u, I answered “your welcome”. As she is about to go I stopped her and asked what is your name and she said cynpaty, and I said please don’t be offended I want to know why your taking papers you know noting about. She said don’t mind me, lately I decided to pursue nursing as a career so I have to pass those science subjects to archive my dreams. I asked how are you going to cope and she replied, “I don’t know” I said “may be I will help you by allowing you to come and study with me” she was very happy and thanked me. In that case I have to go with you to know your place says her. I said ok, I took her to my place and later she took me to her place too.

As from that evening we started leaning together but she did not know that I am in love with her. The next day she visited me, Romay was at my house cooking for me. She ask who was she, I replied, a friend and she said “a friend or your girl friend,” I said in my heart only if this girl know how mush I love her she will not say this. I introduce both of them to each other, but I later find out that them, where jealous of each other. Out of jealousy Romay confess her love for me but then it was too late because I am already in love with cynpaty. After that, Romay left but I approached her and explain things for her but she could not take it.

My new friendship with cynpaty is getting hotter and hotter by the days to the extent that I will escort her home and she will escort me back , we will repeat that until mid night either I sleep over in their house or she at my house. At a point we both do not need any one to tell us that we are in love with each other. One day she said I can’t keep it any longer and I said me too, she asked me what? And I asked her what? But I can see the answer in her eyes as we are looking at each other, in a moment we fall at the arms of each other and started kissing, it was like an endless dream. I later asked her, do you remember how we meet . She immediately repeat the story i just said now, when i told her it is the same thing that happen to me she refused it and said i just want to copy her own version. That is when i realize that the same thing happened to both of us and that we are made for each other.

It happened that we can not stay a moment without seeing each other, we chat and play on the bed till done without having any thought of sexual intercourse. Our love grows stronger by the days. At the end of our exams we took extra one week because we are afraid of missing each other. At the end of the week, we decided to go because we has run out of money. We both traveled together, but at the point we are about to separate form each other she burst out with cry and was crying uncontrollable. I manage to console her with a promise that I will visit their home tomorrow, we exchange addresses and parted.

The next day I came back from the market, my dad  told me that a beautiful young girl by name cynpaty looked for me now, I asked my dad where is she? And my dad said she just left. I turned and ran after her, when I saw her back from a distant I shout her name “cynpaty” she turned and we ran towards each other and I grab her on my arms and gave her the kiss of my life. As from that day we keep visiting each others home, one day I compose this love song for her.

Oh black little rose, oh the love of my life.

My sweetest memory, the favor of my heart.

The bone of my bone, and the flesh of my flesh

My love and my life, you are always the food.

And joy of my heart, I will love you forever.

We shear this song so passionately and cherish it so much that when ever one of us is sad the other person should sang the song to bring back a good mood and to put smile in each others face. At a time our love become like a religion to us to the extent that when either of us fall sick the other will have the feeling and visit without being informed about the sickness. We keep growing together and take good care of each other. We don’t need to make any covenant to keep our love because what we feel is greater than a covenant. We don’t need any one to tell us that we are going to married each other, because what we feel is more than wedding vows.

In the year 2003 I got a visa to travel abroad, it is very had for cynpaty to accept my departure. With days of mourning and crying, then the day she had to escort me to the airport in Lagos we agree to keep our self’s for each other. The plan is that I will come back and take her along after one year. I flew over to England, and things did not work as planed. I got in to trouble and we lost contact for years. In the year 2006, one of my friends was going to Nigeria and I gave him the last address of cynpaty to help me trace her, all this years I still keep my self for her.

My good friend Bony went to Nigeria and traced cynpaty at unizik awka anambra state of Nigeria, and came back to tell me that cynpaty was already in love with another man, even that they are planning to get married soon. I was mad, and I suffered it for one year, after one year I decided to have a girl friend. I dated another girl by the same name cynpaty but later found out that she is not what I think, I remained single until 2009 I meet Mary my present wife she a good person we were together until 2010 I traveled to Nigeria  for Mary’s traditional marriage with me. i meet cynpaty in Nigeria and we talked, I found out that my friend Bony lied to her that I have another girl over there and also lied to me that she have another boy in Nigeria. We reconciled but it was already too late because Mary was already pregnant of my first son and she was such a good woman that I can’t afford the leave her then. I explained every thing about marry to cynpaty and she understood and give me the approval to get married to Mary .after a year cynpaty also get married and have her first daughter. My family and hers become best of friends and we exchange visit to each other.

But the major problem Is that I still love cynpaty and she is still live in my heart, I have tried every thing I could to forget her but the more I tried the more I love her. She always get mad at me when ever she heard this, she have once told my wife about it, even her husband had once had issue with me about this. But people I don’t understand this kind love because I still love her even more than before. I need help and advice that is why I wrote this story please people help me I am getting mad!!!

It is with tears that I wrote this story, and it is the story of my life.





ukwu nwanyi owerri


One day in the year 2010, I was at a trade fare in Tiko town while chatting with my friends. A boy of about 24 yrs old pass by and signal me to come, but I just ignore him. Some hours later another boy appeared in my front with a gift saying that some one ask him to give it to me, I rejected the gift while one of my friends collects it urging me to find out the sender before I reject it.

In the evening of the same day, the first boy now comes to me saying his one that sends the gift. He asked why I rejected the gift, and start saying a lot of good things about me. Using a lot of flattering and sweet words, already I started giving in. but I did not let him know how I was feeling, when I found out that I was already falling in love with him, i cant stand it any more and I ran away from him and went home. By then I was 17yrs old and know noting about love because I have not been loved or love before.

I went home and ponder on the issue all night, truly the more I thought about it the more I fall in love with him. One week later he came to our house in a company of one of my friends, he pleaded with me to accept his proposal of love and I bluntly refuse and he left. The next two days he reappeared with a gift of a mobile telephone set which I accepted. He asked me to call him the next day which I did, and he invited me to his house.

I went to his house in a company of one of his friends, when we got there, he presented all kinds of drinks and other things but I did not take any thing. Later he called me out side and ask me to huge and kiss him which I refused, but while I was manipulating my phone suddenly he started kissing  me and I was carried away by emotions and kissed him also. When I got my self I pushed him and ran home. After two weeks he invited me to his house again this time, I went a lone.

I sat at his seating room watching the television, he came out and asked me to join him in his bedroom I refused but he carried me in to his bedroom. He started removing my dresses I resisted but he over powered me and start to romance me I was enjoying it, at a moment he started to insert his fingers in to my virginal it was painful and sweet at the same time. When he put on the condom and wants to penetrate me I did not stop him because I wanted to experience sex to confirm what my classmates use to say about it. He make love to me it was so painful and sweet at same time, after that I took my bath a went home although I feel the pains for three days no one know what happened to me. That is how I lost my virginity to a total stranger, there by killing my dream of keeping it for my future husband.

After two months we make love again and this time there is no much pain, in a month time we make love again and I enjoyed it so mush. I became so fund of him and my love for him increased. I began to see him as my future husband, little did I know that he has other plans for him self. I stayed for two months with out hearing from him. The next time I visited his house, I fond out that he is no where to be found. He varnished, I cried and suffered because I have carelessly giving what maters to me so mush to a total stranger. So I urge all young girls to know who you mingle with, try to keep your self until you get married don’t do like me giving your self to some one u don’t know.